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ReTV: Retarget Website Visitors on Streaming TV

Perfect for retail marketers focused on lower funnel customers, ReTV lets you reach website visitors with unskippable commercials on over 200 streaming TV apps. Plans start at $295/month per location, and can be scaled to fit your budget.

ReTargeting CTV Ads

How do streaming TV ads work for retail work?



Streaming TV advertisements let you broadcast your unskippable video ads on popular streaming TV platforms like Sling TV, HBO Max and even Hulu. This emerging technology eliminates the need for expensive cable companies like Comcast or Verizon Fios to run smart TV ads. When used in conjunction with geofencing, you can target retail customers who visit your competitors or who visit your website.  Below are a few of the CTV channels provided with the Standard packages and above.


Take retargeting to the CTV level with ReTV! ReTV lets our clients use CTV to retarget their website visitors with unskippable, CTV ads. Now, retail marketers can highlight their business on the big screen to website visitors at the beginning of their awareness journey. Click here to learn more about how it works!


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Get Streaming TV for Retail at No Additional Cost

Did you know that we offer streaming TV adv campaigns at no additional cost? Shine a spotlight on your local retail store with a 15- or 30-second unskippable commercial. Imagine targeting your local community members and frequent visitors whose trade area is located in your community on their favorite TV shows like HBO Max, Sling TV, Pluto TV and more! 

The best part? We can measure your ROI of your geofencing campaign by tracking the conversions after someone watches your commercial. We’ll know if they convert by visiting your website with their laptop or tablet, or if they convert as a walk-in upon visiting your retail store based on their mobile location data. Streaming TV ads, sometimes referred to as CTV advertising, not only works on smart TVs, but also any device where your customers stream content, such as tablets and desktop computers.

If you’re interested in adding audio ads to your campaign to broadcast on platforms like Spotify or iHeart radio, contact us today!


Benefits of CTV Ads

Due to the saturation of streaming apps, companies like Netflix have adopted ad-supported, lower-cost tiers to diversify their revenue as users limit the amount of apps they subscribe to. Don't be the last of your competitors to learn about this unsaturated advertising channel! Tap into audiences on streaming platforms like Pluto TV, Sling TV and Hulu (NEW!).


  • No added cost for clients on our Standard package or above
  • Captivate your retail audience as they escape into their favorite shows
  • Affordable monthly creative costs for clients needing commercial updates throughout the year

Your Retail Customers are Streaming

We can target and track ad conversions on CTVs like any other device (mobile, laptop, tablet) with pinpoint accuracy. CTV devices are plug-and-play devices and have reached widespread saturation. This means your retail location can captivate a retail audience from any demographic segment! 


  • Target customers across ALL their devices connected to their home network
  • 71% of TV households have at least one connected smart TV, according to Leichtman Research Group and
  • “Among U.S. CTV consumers, the median age is 45, and the audience is fairly evenly distributed across age segments,” according to MediaPost

We Can Help You Create a Montage Video

Provide your own 15- or 30-second video, or have us create one for you.


Montage videos combine stock assets or client-provided assets that include still imagery, music and professionally recorded voiceover into an informative and visually captivating video. Our streaming TV video ads will let your local ad stand out on the big screen as this advertising channel is still unsaturated.


Imagine showcasing a video of your retail store on a smart TV or tablet that highlights your local address to potential customers that:

  • Have visited your competitors’ retail store
  • Work for a local top employer
  • Frequent local community hot spots 
  • Have visited your website

Streaming TV Commercials Portfolio makes running streaming TV ads pain-free. Many retail clients do not have local video ads specifically formatted for television viewing. We can facilitate video ad creation for a small, one-time setup fee. Check out our streaming TV portfolio to preview the work we’ve done for other clients! 

" has made reaching local customers effortless. The cost of creating commercials for streaming TV adverting was minimal. The result was eye-catching creative that helps us reach new customers in an impactful way."
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