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Is retail geofencing right for your location? Check out some of our most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) below.


Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any inquiries about our digital retail marketing services. If you’d prefer to ask in-person, you can also book a meeting with one of our sales experts.


What is geofence marketing?

A geofence is a digital zone drawn around real-world locations. Marketers can leverage this location-based technology and utilize mobile location data to deliver relevant, digital retail marketing ads to potential customers who have stepped into custom digital “fences,” or geofences. This is known as geofence marketing. can help your retail store set up geofences around competitor stores, restaurants, coffee shops, parks, stadiums, events and more! Capture a hyper-local audience with compelling ads for your store to drive visitors and walk-ins. With the average person spending 6.5 hours a day on the Internet, implementing a digital strategy for your local retail advertising is more important than ever. Visit our How Geofencing Works page to learn more.

What is the commitment?

Our fully transparent pricing model does not lock our customers into any long-term contracts. The initial commitment is three months, then month-to-month after that. Our transparent reporting lets you track the return of your investment with access to your own personal dashboard that tracks physical walk-ins and conversions. 

How can we tell if it’s working?

We provide access to your own custom dashboard for transparent reporting so that you can check-in on the ROI of your campaigns. We can also track impressions, commercial views, clicks to your website and (most importantly) walk-ins by drawing a geofence around your retail store and setting it up as a conversion. We continually optimize campaigns by making adjustments over time (based on the recommendations from our data) to increase walk-ins and decrease cost per acquisition.

What devices will my customer be able to view my retail ads on?

One of the many advantages to geofencing is our ability to push your digital, local retail advertising across ALL devices. When a prospective customer enters a geofence, not only will they be able to view your captivating ads on their mobile device, but they will also unlock access to all their other connected, home devices such as tablets, desktop computers and streaming TV apps. 


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What is a target zone?

A target zone is defined as a point of interest containing a virtual geofence that advertisers strategically set up to capture a relevant audience. We can trace a target zone around virtually any area or real-world location that a retail store would want to target to capture an audience of potential customers that are visiting another physical location (e.g. a competitor, venue, a specific part of a city or town, etc.). 

When the customer physically enters the target zone with their mobile phone, they will be eligible to receive your captivating retail store ad on ALL their other connected devices, such as streaming TVs and tablets, once their mobile phone connects to their home network. We carefully research every location we geofenceto precisely target the right audience. Click here to learn more about how geofence marketing works!

What exactly is the cost? features affordable packages tiered for incremental performance, feasible for any budget. For as little as $195/month, our Saver Package lets retails stores access strategic geofencing campaigns. Click here to see our full pricing options. Our penalty-free cancellations make local retail advertising accessible for advanced, location-based digital retail marketing. If your retail store doesn’t have a digital presence yet, can quickly help create “digital billboards” to target your customers in their native, digital environments. 

How quickly can I get started?

From the initial kick-off call, it typically takes six business days for your campaign to go live, assuming we receive all assets and feedback in a timely manner. For campaigns with video production, the process can take up to 14 business days. Once the campaigns goes live, your ads will start to show immediately. 

Where can I expect my customers to see my ads? What platforms will I be able to target?

Mobile ads will appear on the tens of thousands of apps and mobile websites that accept advertising, such as the Weather Channel app, MSN and ESPN. Mobile ads can vary in size and can rotate to deliver key messaging and branding for each local apartment.


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Video ads appear will appear in streaming platforms like Sling TV, Pluto TV and more! Now we can even target customers watching Hulu or listening to popular music streaming services like iHeart Radio and Spotify. We can also create video ads formatted for television using asset photography — without expensive filming.



Can I set up a geofence that captures the walk-in traffic of my competitors?

Yes! When a prospective customer walks into the premises of your competitor’s retail stores, we can use geofence marketing to track their traffic and directly target them with your ads.

We have also found that geofencing indirect competitors (like a local shoe store or medical facility) to be quite effective in bringing in foot traffic. Ready to dive into location-based digital retail marketing with one of our sales experts? Schedule a demo today!

What is a conversion zone?

To measure the effectiveness of your retail geofencing campaign, we draw a geofence around your location and define it as a “conversion zone.” This is how we track offline traffic that physically walks into your store and becomes a customer. We can also measure the amount of website traffic attributed to website visitors who have seen your ad on any of their devices from your geofencing campaigns. 

" has been instrumental in helping us get new customers into our shopping centers. With conquest targeting, we're able to put our customized, branded message in front of competitor customers and redirect them to our location."
  1. Kobe Gao

Digital Marketing Coordinator, Lerner Enterprises

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