Customer Intelligence

Customer Intelligence: Your Foundation for More Retail Store Walk-ins

Do you know where your retail customers live, work and play? has partnered with to provide a unique Customer Intelligence Report that takes the guesswork out of retail market research, sourcing data from real, customer mobile location data. 

Access location metrics from your current pool of customers (and your competitors’ customers), and identify prominent local points of interest in your community to geofence and capture new customers. With access to years worth of mobile location data, we can analyze historical customer data on a national and local level for your retail store for strategic geofencing advertising (or marketing). 

This competitive report is your key to unlocking a hyper-local audience that will convert into customers. Don’t delay your market research for your retail business. Find out where customers live, work and play!  


Access Comprehensive Data

Analyze your existing pool of customers (and your competitors’ customers) to hone in on common buyer profile traits from historical mobile data. Discover where your retail customers live, work and play.


Uncover Local Retail Trade Areas

Analyze customer trade areas and even view local commuter trends. Identify top employers to target customers that don’t live nearby but frequent your community due to their place of employment. 



Target Local Points of Interest

Armed with the right intelligence to target your ideal retail customers, we can begin strategic targeting. From local casinos to nearby stadiums, target the hot spot locations to surge foot traffic to your store.

Retail Market Research Sourced From Real Retail Customers

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Effortless Retail Market Research

With, we equip our clients with years worth of mobile location data to unveil the Customer Intelligence needed to make confident advertising decisions.


This retail market research reveals popular points of interest, informing a strategic playbook for high-converting retail geofencing campaigns. Make market research for retail businesses painless with our Customer Intelligence Report. We mine real mobile data for retail so that you don't have to.


Ready to map and define your customers? 



  • Identify core customers
  • Create specialized market optimization reports
  • Explore customized lists of new competitor locations
  • Define audience and demographic groups based on past visitation

Customer Demographic Analysis

With, we help reveal where your customers live, work and play. Access a comprehensive analysis of your customers, as well as your competitors’ customers, from historical mobile data. Plus, we'll help you Identify the ideal buyer profiles that will surge foot traffic to your location. 

If you're ready to identify a broader competitor landscape, local hot spots, gaps in your retail market, major employers local to your area and even the trade areas for your customers, contact us today!


RESTRICTED USE OF PLACER.AI DATA: uses data to provide analysis for location-based marketing (geofencing) campaigns for retail locations only. We also do not provide aggregate data. Ask us about the advantages of working with 

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" has been instrumental in helping us get new customers into our shopping centers. With conquest targeting, we're able to put our customized, branded message in front of competitor customers and redirect them to our location."
  1. Kobe Gao

Digital Marketing Coordinator, Lerner Enterprises

Find out where your retail customers live, work and play. Access invaluable customer information that will let you target them with precision via geofencing.