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About RetailGeofencing.com

We are a retail digital marketing agency equipping our clients with the most advanced location-based mobile advertising on the market. This emerging technology is continually evolving, and we are dedicated to refining and providing our leading edge expertise to help our clients unlock hyper-local geofencing.   

Matthew Kilmurry, Founder and Chief Executive Officer, has been a pioneer in digital marketing since the early 2000s. He started in digital marketing by optimizing retail websites for search engine rankings and has been deeply involved in the industry as technology and tactics have evolved. Matthew has worked in both advertising agencies and corporations. He understands the need for retail marketers to show real results to their operations and ownership teams.

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Meet the Team!

 We are a fully remote, retail digital marketing agency dedicated to bringing great work to our clients. Digital marketing has no finish line – it is always changing. And we love the journey! Our team members are committed to embracing the changes that occur in the digital marketscape. But our core values remain the same, as we deliver great work for our clients.


Core Values:

Accountability ∙ Authenticity ∙ Caring ∙ Surprise & Delight ∙ X-Ray Vision


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Addison Flores-Thorpe Headshot

Addison Flores-Thorpe

Client Success
Alana Redgraves Headshot

Alana Redgraves

Campaign Success
Alexa Collier Headshot

Alexa Collier

Client Success
Andrew Platt Headshot

Andrew Platt

Campaign Success
Anya Davis Headshot

Anya Davis

Brandi Pelley Headshot

Brandi Pelley

Client Success
Breanna Chipoco Headshot

Breanna Chipoco

Client Success
Brian Robinson Headshot

Brian Robinson

Charlotte Barter Headshot

Charlotte Barter

VP, Digital Marketing
Christopher Bull Headshot

Christopher Bull

Crystal Smith Headshot

Crystal Smith

Client Success
Delia Hernandez Headshot

Delia Hernandez

Gabrielle Deschaine Headshot

Gabrielle Deschaine

Client Success
Jacqueline Byrnes Headshot

Jacqueline Byrnes

Campaign Success
John Yeingst Headshot

John Yeingst

Joseph Brown Headshot

Joseph Brown

Campaign Success
Juliann Loomis Headshot

Juliann Loomis

Julie Ostman Headshot

Julie Ostman

Client Success
Kaitlyn Hsiao Headshot

Kaitlyn Hsiao

Campaign Success
Kaitlyn Tarallo Headshot

Kaitlyn Tarallo

Campaign Success
Kara Rafferty Headshot

Kara Rafferty

Director of Sales
Kate Trigg Headshot

Kate Trigg

Katelyn Goldsberry Headshot

Katelyn Goldsberry

Kesha Hinton Headshot

Kesha Hinton

Laurel De Luca Headshot

Laurel De Luca

Client Success
Lori DiGirolamo Headshot

Lori DiGirolamo

Executive Assistant
Madelyn Chappelear Headshot

Madelyn Chappelear

Campaign Success
Maria Tonson Headshot

Maria Tonson

Client Success
Matthew Kilmurry Headshot

Matthew Kilmurry

Founder, CEO
Michele Maginn Headshot

Michele Maginn

Client Success
Nicole Levin Headshot

Nicole Levin

Peighton Bitschenauer Headshot

Peighton Bitschenauer

Client Success
Philip Sewall Headshot

Philip Sewall

VP, B2B Marketing
Regan Jennings Headshot

Regan Jennings

Rhoda Dankwa Headshot

Rhoda Dankwa

Client Success
Shelby Collinson Headshot

Shelby Collinson

Client Success
Stacey Chanthavong Headshot

Stacey Chanthavong

Teresa Vu Headshot

Teresa Vu

Client Success
Vincent Oliver Headshot

Vincent Oliver

Weronika Bartnik Headshot

Weronika Bartnik

Campaign Success
William Scrivener Headshot

William Scrivener

"RetailGeofencing.com has made reaching local customers effortless. The cost of creating commercials for streaming TV adverting was minimal. The result was eye-catching creative that helps us reach new customers in an impactful way."
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Brand Marketing Manager, Tsunami Express

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