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Geofencing is an emerging technology that lets you draw a digital fence around real-world locations. And it’s a powerful location-based marketing tool for local retail advertising. Why? Think about this: 90% of mobile users own a smartphone with GPS tracking capabilities. This data is intrinsic to launching high-performing digital marketing campaigns for retail stores that can target local community members.


Now you can display relevant ads to mobile users who walk into a geofence set up around competitors, employers or other neighborhood points of interest. We can even set up geofences around local events to capture traffic from a high school football game, local trade shows, and even churches. 

How We Approach Geofencing for Retail


Customer Intelligence

Optimize your geofencing campaigns with a comprehensive customer report comprised of years worth of mobile location data.  


Precise Targeting

We identify the best locations to acquire new customers and push targeted ads to your ideal customers across ALL their connected devices.


Expert Optimization

Our data team analyzes campaign results to identify actionable insights and improve campaign performance on a recurring basis.

Don’t let your competitors geofence your retail store before you do!

Level-Up Your Local Retail Advertising with Geofencing

With our competitive market report, we strategically place geofences around real-world locations that your customers frequent. As your customer enters these geofences, they become eligible to receive your captivating ads, showcasing your retail store across ALL their devices. This includes their desktops, tablets and smart TVs, which drive traffic to your website and walk-ins to your retail store. The best part? It’s totally trackable! We can track online and offline conversions in retail advertising to measure how many customers originated from your geofencing campaign.

Let’s break down retail geofencing into three easy steps. 

1.  Geofence High-Converting Target Zone Areas

Capture traffic in high-converting hot spots that your community members frequent with geofencing. Also known as “Points of Interest,” these real-world locations can include competitor retail stores, local coffee shops, gyms, bars, medical offices, restaurants, churches and even events like high school football games or trade shows. When a prospective customer walks into one of your geofences (or target zones) with their smartphone, they become eligible to receive your ads across all their devices!


2. Showcase your retail store with captivating ads

Geofencencing mobilizes digital marketing for retail stores, creating several touchpoint opportunities with prospective customers. Drive awareness for your local retail store with mobile ads, streaming TV ads and audio ads. Once your prospective customer’s phone registers their location in one of your geofences, they are ready to receive your retail ads! As their mobile phone connects to their home network, they open a portal to all of their connected devices including tablets, desktops and streaming TVs. We can then push captivating banner ads and 15-30 second unskippable streaming TV advertisements.

Level up your retail store with advanced, location-based digital marketing for retail stores, which follows your customers around in their digital homes across all their devices! 

3. Measure website conversions and walk-ins

How do we measure the effectiveness for your local retail advertising outreach? We set up a geofence around your location known as the “conversion zone.” As your customer walks into your physical location, their mobile ID will register as a new conversion. We can also track if any of their connected home devices has visited your website. With advanced attribution reporting, we can report on the amount of website visits, clicks and impressions generated from your banner ads and streaming TV video ads. 


Leverage Addressable Geofencing for Retail


Reach Specific Houses and Apartments

Addressable geofencing is your secret weapon for your local retail advertising. Addressable geofencing is much more granular than targeting a certain radius around a zip code. Raise awareness for your local retail store based on specific addresses. 

Instead of relying on IP-based targeting, addressable geofencing utilizes plot lines and GPS data to showcase your digital, retail ads to your customers at a household-level. Additionally, with cross-device matching, we’re able to target ALL devices connected to a household network. lets you target households based on the following demographic data: 

  • Home address with addressable geofencing
  • Age
  • Education
  • Home value
  • Gender
  • Amount and age of children
  • And much more!

Unveil Where Your Customers Live, Work and Play

with Our Customer Intelligence Report


We've partnered with to provide a Customer Intelligence Report that draws from years worth of your customers' mobile location data. We analyze markets and direct competitors to identify a broader competitive restaurant set, major employers, trade areas and neighborhood points of interest.


All location data within Customer Intelligence Report has been anonymized for privacy protection so you can be confident all research is compliant with local and national laws.


Build an Ideal Prospect Audience based on:

  • Lifestyle
  • Life stage
  • Behavioral traits
  • Consumer traits


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"We used to drive foot traffic to our stores through geofencing, streaming TV advertising and social media - and we were thrilled with the results. The team was very responsive and easy to work with, and we really valued having direct access to our results via dashboard and monthly reports."
  1. Philip Sewall

Marketing, Blinds To Go

Don’t let your competitors geofence your retail store before you do!