Retail Marketing Case Studies

Data-Driven Geofencing Retail Examples

The best retail advertising campaigns that captivate a local audience are backed by real customer data. We design geofencing campaigns that target customers with precision and drive real results.


We’ve delivered over 900 million display impressions and 6 million commercial views for our clients and continue to have 97.7% client retention. Check out some of our most successful geofencing retail examples below!

Renters Stay Close to Home in 2021

We determined changes to renter commuting patterns in Chicago and Dallas from 2019 through 2021. Post-pandemic remote culture changed commuter behavior and  spurred new, hyper-local apartment marketing ideas as emerging points of interests arose.  


The Changing Demographic of Renters in D.C.

We determined the major demographic shifts due to COVID19 in both downtown and suburban Washington, D.C.

How to Connect the Dots Between Changes to Privacy & Paid Social Performance

Learn how we helped a leading property management company combat the recent iOS 14.5 update to improve campaign reporting in Facebook/Instagram using first-party data. As privacy updates changes the digital landscape, our clients can continue to access measurable conversion metrics to gauge which apartment marketing ideas generated the most ROI. 


Streaming TV Case Study

Learn how affordable, highly-targeted, unskippable commercials can drive tours and online conversions for your properties. Featured in this case study are four property types in various markets and their performance over a three-month period.

2X Walk-ins Acquired for Bozzuto

See how our geofencing campaigns more than doubled foot traffic over a 90-day period at 30+ Bozzuto communities. Even after reducing paid search, Bozzuto experienced an increase in website traffic due to’s effective targeting of upper and mid-funnel prospects.

"We used to drive foot traffic to our stores through geofencing, streaming TV advertising and social media - and we were thrilled with the results. The team was very responsive and easy to work with, and we really valued having direct access to our results via dashboard and monthly reports."
  1. Philip Sewall

Marketing, Blinds To Go

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