Ad Layout Options

Attract prospects with engaging creative! Whether you plan to supply your own ads or need a hand, we’ve got you covered.


Please refer to the guidelines below when creating or submitting an ad.


Display Ads

Animated ads are preferred, static ads accepted


Size: 2MB (HTML5), 200MB (GIF)

Dimensions: 8 sizes of the same ad






Animated ads

File type:

HTML5 preferred for quality

Web fonts only (no custom fonts) GIF also accepted



18 frames/second max

30 seconds max


Static ads

File type: *PNG or JPG


Facebook Ads

Images that consist of more than 20% text may experience reduced delivery.


File type: *PNG or JPG

Ratio/Dimensions: 1.91:1 to 4:5, 1080x1080px min

Resolution: Upload the highest resolution image available

Primary text: 125 characters max

Headline: 40 characters max


Streaming TV Ads

No letterboxing or pillarboxing allowed.


Size: 200mb max

Ratio/Dimensions: 16:9, 1920x1080 or 1280x720

File type: .MP4 preferred. Other video formats accepted but are not guaranteed to work.

Length: *15 or 30 seconds preferred, any length up to 60 seconds accepted

Color space: 4:2:2

Profile: Main profile @ main level (MP@ML)

Constant bitrate (CBR): 15-60 mbps preferred

Variable bitrate (VBR): 20-60 mbps accepted


*In terms of pricing and available inventory, 15 seconds or less = 15 second video, 16-30 seconds = 30 second video, and 31-60 seconds = 60 second video.


Static Ad Exporting Tips

When exporting a JPG or PNG, select the right resolution to ensure correct dimensions.



Resolution: Screen (72 ppi)

Use transparent backgrounds for logos



Resolution: Screen (72 ppi)

Color mode: RGB

Quality: Maximum/High

Compression: Baseline (Standard)


*JPG is better for images with blended tones, like photos. PNG is better for images with flat tones, like logos, text, and graphics.



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