Drive Retail Foot Traffic and Sales Through Geofencing

We specialize in local retail geofencing, equipping retail stores with the most advanced location-based, retail digital marketing available on the market.

" has been instrumental in helping us get new customers into our shopping centers. With conquest targeting, we're able to put our customized, branded message in front of competitor customers and redirect them to our location."
  1. Kobe Gao

Digital Marketing Coordinator, Lerner Enterprises

Unlock Hyperlocal Marketing for Your Retail Store

Retail geofencing is your secret weapon to promote your product or service to your local audience. How do we do it? We utilize an approach to help you launch strategic retail geofencing campaigns using the latest in mobile location technology. The best part? Measurable, trackable results to help measure the ROI of your geofencing campaign. We keep our reporting transparent with a custom dashboard available at your fingertips 24/7. 


Customer Intelligence

Optimize your geofencing campaigns with a comprehensive customer report comprised of years worth of mobile location data.  Use this analysis to determine the best locations to target future retail customers. 



Precise Targeting

Highlight your product, services and special offers to a local audience that fits your ideal customer profile. Target them across ALL their connected devices, including on their smart TV apps like HBO Max and more! 


Expert Optimization

Our data team analyzes your campaign’s performance on a recurring basis. We implement actionable insights 

to ensure that your retail campaigns remain responsive to seasonality and changing customer behavior.

Local Retail Digital Marketing Designed for Today’s Mobile-First Customers

Did you know that on average, Americans check their phones 344 times per day, according to Retail geofencing is a powerful retail digital marketing strategy that relies on mobile location data to drive local awareness for your location and fosters conversions via walk-ins or website visits. Advertise your location via action-oriented banner ads running your local promotions or via unskippable smart TV commercials on apps like Sling TV, HBO Max and Hulu. Your ads will show up in a highly vetted list of websites and mobile apps so you can be sure your retail brand is safe. 

Reach Retail Customers in their Digital Environments

Retail geofencing allows you to target your retail customers based on the locations they frequent the most, on their most utilized devices: smartphones, streaming TVs, laptops and even desktop computers. How do we do it? We deploy an approach comprised of precise targeting and expert optimization. 

ID_RG-Customer Intel

Customer Intelligence

Discover where your retail customers live, work and play. With years worth of mobile location data, you can now target the right audiences for effective digital marketing for your retail store.


  • Determine where your customers live and work
  • Discover local trade areas, based on commuting length
  • Identify popular residential neighborhoods based on zip
  • Determine the highest-converting demographic profiles to optimize your advertising

Precise Targeting

Capture retail customers with local ads highlighting your location, offers and promotions across all devices to people who have visited your competitors, work at nearby employers, or visit local points of interest. You can even re-target your existing customers. With addressable geofencing, you can also target specific home addresses in neighborhoods. 


Target your retail customer based on:

  • Age
  • Education
  • Income
  • Gender
  • Home address
  • Interests, behaviors and more!

Expert Optimization

Receive recurring actionable insights from a team of data experts to identify key performance drivers and measure your ROI with advanced attribution metrics. Track performance with 24/7 access to a custom dashboard. 


Reporting includes:

  • Recurring analysis and recommendations
  • Performance data down to the geofenced building
  • Real-time dashboard with views by individual location, region or roll up 

Don’t let your competitors geofence your retail store before you do!