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Surge foot traffic to your store through geofencing 

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Our geofencing campaigns help our clients:.

  • Generate new and return customers
  • Show ads via streaming TV, mobile apps and browsers
  • Target competitors’ customers via location history
  • Find new employees


We specialize in equipping retail stores with the most advanced location-based advertising on the market.

" has made reaching local customers effortless. The cost of creating commercials for streaming TV adverting was minimal. The result was eye-catching creative that helps us reach new customers in an impactful way."
  1. Kobe Gao

Digital Marketing Coordinator, Lerner Enterprises

ID_Retail-White-NoTag is owned and operated by the team at Intrinsic Digital. We are a group of digital marketers focused solely on implementing geofencing technology for our multifamily clients, eliminating the barriers to add this emerging technology into their local apartment marketing strategies. We equip our clients with the most advanced technology available in location-based marketing.

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